"Sometimes meditative, sometimes poignantly moving, Doughty's music is always spellbinding."         (Wendell Full Moon Coffee House)

Today I had a great guest... Francis Doughty, a truly wonderful guitarist... Inspired by the likes of Leo Kottke, John Fahey and Ed Gerhard, anything that can be said of their playing could probably be said of  Francis Doughty...  He totally blew me away.  Not only did he play many of his own tunes but he played some of Kottke's too and if you weren't there to see him you might not have known it wasn't Kottke himself.”                   (Connie Bowblis,  WKNH)

 "Francis, your music makes me breathe!"
   (Leigh Hilger, singer-songwriter)

"One of the more remarkable acoustic debuts I've heard!"
 (web-posting by fan,  Michael Doyle)

 “Your first CD was excellent and you've done several orders better on Under the Sky!  What a beautiful emotional balance – exciting at times, soothing at others.”                    (Mike Dailey)

 "Francis Doughty's debut CD, Among Trees is a sheer delight.''                         (Entertainment Times, Keene, NH)

"Last week I bought your CD Among Trees... And what a great CD it is!  I have many hundred guitar CD’s… so I'm quite familiar with the modern acoustic steel-string guitar world, and I must say that "By Lantern Light" really hit me in the head and heart better than anything in a long time!"               (Timo Alanen, Finland)

"Your album is a place to go.  It's a haven against the world, really, when it's too much with us."        (Connie Bowblis,  WKNH)

"Francis keeps the soul of the guitar in his heart!"  
                                                                     (Danny Shanahan)

"...thank you for the fine concert yesterday.  I was transfixed!  What glorious, imaginative music you make.  It's still spinning through my head."          (Nancy Stauffer)

" If a CD can be worn out by constant replaying, then I am going to find out!"                   (Sandra Brown)

"I heard you this morning on the WERS interview...  I loved your music.  I had a knot in my throat, and that mixed sweet sadness and joy I get when I see or feel beauty and love coming through in somebody's life and work."                (Martin Hunter)


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