Francis Doughty


An exciting folk instrumental guitarist  who has often been compared to Leo Kottke.    Francis Doughty captivates audiences with his own evocative or exciting music as well as thrilling Kottke covers.    Praising his "virtuosic handling of his instrument"  the Hampshire Gazette writes: "Doughty uses his strings to get where he's songs that demonstrate great range and tone...  [they] come slowly with feeling, or they come in torrents."

Francis Doughty is an exciting folk instrumental guitarist who has been playing music since his early teens. Inspired by the likes of Leo Kottke, John Fahey, and a wide range of classical music, Doughty has used those influences to develop his own unique voice on the guitar, which ranges from the thrilling to the haunting.

Doughty's guitar-playing is riveting and instantly engages the audience. Indeed there are a lot of good 6- and 12-string players out there, but it is his masterful song-writing which makes Doughty a true standout.

Attending a Francis Doughty concert never fails to leave an audience enthralled. His shows present a mix of his own songs, several classic covers by Kottke, as well as arrangements of traditional or jazz pieces — and always a surprise or two. The counterpoint to his music is his endearing stage manner and colorful humor. He makes a genuine connection.

Showcase Performer at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival 2001 and 2004
Francis has released two instrumental guitar CDs, Among Trees and Under the Sky, both receiving high praise from reviewers and fans - and he has been featured at venues throughout the Northeast.  Doughty has shared the stage with or opened for Gordon Bok, Lui Collins, Tony Vacca, Don White, Adrienne Jones (of Mad Agnes), Kiernan Kane, Elliot Bronson, James Durst, Thea Hopkins and others.  He has made numerous radio and several television appearances, including a feature on NPR's magazine show "Here and Now," taped at WBUR in Boston.

When Francis Doughty speaks through his guitar he transports the listener to another place. He comes at you with a wall of sound from his 12-string in songs such as: the highly-charged crowd-pleaser, We're Getting Closer, his equally energetic Pearl-Streaked Morning or Leo Kottke's epochal masterpiece, Morning is the Long Way Home.  Tempering the fast paced favorites are the beautiful, evocative songs such as the Irish traditional song, Sheebeg Sheemore and Francis' tender ballad Steve's Pain. The overall result is not just impressive — a Francis Doughty concert takes you on a memorable ride!

"Francis Doughty paints pictures of New England with his guitar."
(Jason Bovian, Here and Now, WBUR)

"[His] arrangements can blow blades of grass or fall like icy snow.  More than words.  You can easily lose yourself in Doughty's music..."  (Worcester Magazine - Charlene Arsenault)

"One of the few local guitarists following in the demanding John Fahey/Leo Kottke mode...guitarist Francis Doughty is one of the best-kept secrets in town."

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